This technology incorporates devices and systems which administer patient suction and medical gases. These devices may be stand alone/portable devices or devices utilised through a medical gas/suction distribution system, built within a facility.

The scope to which ECOMED Technical conducts its maintenance and repair activities, pertaining to suction and medical gas distribution systems and associated apparatus, is performed in line with AS/NZS 2896 – Medical Gas Systems - Installation and Testing of Non-Flammable Medical Gas Pipeline Systems.

Some examples, though we are not limited to these devices, are;

  • Portable suction units/pumps
  • Plant Suction & Medical Gas Manifolds and their associated suction and medical gas wall outlets
  • Medical Gas Alarm Panels
  • Gas Isolation Valves
  • Medical Gas Pendants

Suction and Medical Gas attachments:

  • Suction Controllers and Nozzles
  • Medical Gas Flowmeters
  • Medical Gas Regulators
  • Venturi Suction Devices
  • Gas Bottle attached Humidifiers