In general terms, this technology incorporates the routine testing and subsequent test result reporting of electrical installations within patient treatment areas. The testing performed and reported, is done in line with AS/NZS 3003 – Electrical installations - Patient treatment areas of hospitals and medical, dental practices and dialyzing locations. The main purpose of complying with this standard is to enable an assurance that patient treatment areas continue to provide safety for both patient and physical environment, from electrical injury or electrical fault causing inability to treat and damage to physical environment. 

Patient Treatment Areas who have undergone installations in line with AS/NZS 3003, are commonly known as either a;

  1. Body Protected Area, or
  2. Cardiac Protected Area

The specifications for each area are different dependent on the treatment being performed within the Patient Treatment Area.

The type of Patient Treatment Area will commonly be acknowledged by one of the following symbolled signs within the area;

  1. Body Protected Area

  2. Cardiac Protected Area

In accordance with the standard, these areas must be tested at regular intervals to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 3003.