ECOMED Technical is capable of managing the routine maintenance and repair requirements for a range of technologies including biomedical devices, anaesthesia/ventilation/resuscitation, suction/medical gas, patient weighing scales/lifters/beds, class wiring and medical cables.

Biomedical Devices

Biomedical devices represent a wide variety of equipment that are beneficial for human health and welfare. A biomedical device, for the intention of determining ECOMED Technical's scope for maintenance and repairs;

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Suction & Medical Gas

This technology incorporates devices and systems which administer patient suction and medical gases. These devices may be stand alone/portable devices or devices utilised through a medical gas/suction distribution

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Class Wiring

In general terms, this technology incorporates the routine testing and subsequent test result reporting of electrical installations within patient treatment areas. The testing performed and reported, is done in line with AS/NZS 3003

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Medical Cables Service Exchange

ECOMED Technical are able to provide medical cable service exchanges for a range of foetal monitor transducers and pulse oximeter sensors. We also offer our unique guarantee: "Warranty + 1".