At ECOMED Technical, we put a strong emphasis on people. That means nurturing the relationships we have with our clients and within our own team.

When you run a company where adherence to values is the most critical measure of success, you attract people who view their work as an expression of principles. It shows in their approach to business, in their ethics, and in their service to the needs of others. This inevitably leads to a passion for delivering innovative and reliable solutions to a vastly different customer base, all with very unique requirements.

Our team of people bring a wide range of medical equipment backgrounds from manufacturing, military, and in-house clinical engineering experience – and they continually expand their knowledge and skills through our ongoing educational offerings and industry partnerships.

ECOMED Technical's main focus is on the life cycle management of medical technology, all provided in line with Australian Standards, in particular AS/NZS 3551. This means providing 'best solution' for all stages of equipment life. Starting from procurement, through commissioning and operational life to cost effective disposal, all stages are intrinsically connected to one another. Our understanding of these relationships will maximise the benefits of the asset investment you make.

With ECOMED Technical, you will discover a level of trust and mutual respect that's rare today – and you'll understand why clients hold our team of people in high regard. You will also develop a level of confidence in our approach that will free you to concentrate on the many challenges that confront you day after day.

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