The name ECOMED Technical is synonymous with biomedical engineering. Established over 40 years ago, we have built our business and our reputation on providing the healthcare industry with tailored solutions in the care and management of medical device assets. 

We are committed to working alongside our customers, lending our specialised expertise to help them focus on enhancing the care they provide. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing healthcare and a real desire to serve our customers with the same dedication that they deliver. As their needs have changed over the years, we've changed with them.

We have achieved our position in the industry by focusing on more than just servicing medical equipment. Like you, we're here to serve people. Our longstanding relationships with our customers are built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. We understand the vital role we fill in ensuring not only that your equipment is available and operating safely and as intended, but also that you are aware and informed of all requirements and obligations regarding medical devices - both current and as they evolve and change.

We provide worry free, cost effective solutions designed specifically to meet your unique clinical and regulatory needs for the management of medical equipment across all departments in your healthcare facility. Every step of our testing and equipment maintenance program is aimed at minimising your need to be involved in the processes and details

Our vision is to become the most trusted service partner in healthcare. We understand your world because our roots are in it, too. We aren't part of another industry or a healthcare facility that recognized a business opportunity. We share your perspective, speak your language, and have been alongside you as healthcare has undergone its dramatic changes. We know that every decision you make is ultimately about the care you provide to patients. We understand your challenges and create programs to help you solve the unique demands you face every day. We are service orientated, not product orientated - here to help support your existing assets, not to sell you new ones.

We'd welcome the opportunity to show you how we can begin to build that same relationship with you and your organisation.

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