In early 2006 missionary, Craig Linquist and his wife Loren (along with their 3 sons) purchased a block of land on the shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda in a community called Nakiwogo (pronounced nach-ee-woe-go). Their intent was to plant a small church to serve the local people under the banner of Calvary Chapel. 

They soon became aware of the enormous needs of the thousands of people living nearby. Families there were living well below the poverty line, trying to feed themselves on 50 cents or less a day. Many were widows raising children or grandchildren because AIDS had wiped out an entire generation of adults. Children raised their siblings in child-headed households and sickness and disease was rife. Uganda has approximately 2 million orphans due to disease and war and it must have seemed to Craig and Loren that most of them lived in Nakiwogo – orphans were everywhere!

The problems were immense, but Craig and Loren rolled up their sleeves and waded in. Within a year they had purchased some nearby farming land to enable local widows to work the soil and grow crops to feed their children. They built a piggery to help provide locals with a sustainable income. They established vocational training programs for the youth of the area and a tailoring school for local women. When they discovered that very few of the local children went to school because their parents simply couldn’t afford the fees they built a school of their own, offering education for free. They began to run weekly medical outreaches to local rural communities nearby as well as to some of the many populated islands on Lake Victoria. With no government support, they raised funds to purchase drugs to treat the local villagers and vaccinations for their children. One of their most recent projects was to establish a soccer field on the church land and started a local soccer competition for the children from the area.

Of course, all this requires money and Craig and Loren rely on overseas donors to help with the funding of the projects. ECOMED Technical has been pleased to be involved in providing funds to: purchase land for the widows’ farm; buy sewing machines for the tailoring program; assist locals in starting up small businesses; help cover costs of providing basics to Ugandan families in crisis.

Future projects include further expansions of the farming and piggery projects, establishment of a fishery, and the construction of permanent buildings to house a larger vocational training centre.

Contact details for Craig and Loren are:

Craig and Loren Linquist

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Calvary Chapel, Nakiwogo.

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